How does Sober Rush Work?

How does Sober Rush Work?

We have all experienced that perfect night out. The one with the right people, the right vibes, and of course the right amount of alcohol. However, the right amount of alcohol is never easy to gauge and more often than not, that perfect night becomes not so perfect anymore.

Let Sober Rush keep your night perfect.

How does it do this?

  • Ultimate NADH element. Unlike any other product on the market, Sober Rush boosts your body’s natural coenzyme levels, promoting the alcohol breakdown process.
  • Rapid metabolization. This is accomplished by rapidly eliminating a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolization called acetaldehyde—the main cause of that not-so-perfect night.
  • Zero discomfort post-drinking. Sober Rush makes you feel refreshed and full of energy the next day and like you never drank the night before.
  • Clinical data by UCLA. Eating bread, drinking coffee, and taking pain killers will only go so far. Backed by scientific research and clinical data, Sober Rush is not magic, it’s science.
  • Protect your liver. Let our small pill be the safety net for your night out and a shield for your health by relieving your liver's workload and reducing long term negative effects.

So why suffer after a great night? Drink like you are 21 again with Sober Rush.

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